How to Order


How to order?

LaLa Gifts Hamper Online Shop can give you a happy experience for online shopping.

Ordering our gift hamper, and it only takes a few minutes to complete the process.

LaLa Gifts has a service hotline can answer any questions you may have.

Firstly, you can take a look at our splendid gift hamper or flower bouquet and make a selection based on your needs.

Simply enter your quantity and click ‘Add to Cart.’ After that, you will go to next page,

you will see the page of "Delivery District" for select the delivery address.

If you want to order other gifts hamper, you can click the "LaLa" logo which show on the top of the website.

And choose other gifts to add to chat follow the order step as show as above.

After that, you will see a page of "Delivery District" for select the delivery address.

And then you can click the "Submit Order" when you finish some order information.

We will contact you within 30mins(during the office hours) and send a confirmation email and payment method to you,

you will be able to checkout and pay for your purchase.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your order, you can also contact us via email at or contact no.:97930141.

As you can see, ordering your gift hamper is easy and takes just a few minutes.

We know that you will find the gift your loved one will simply adore.